Disinfection Spraying Programs


Before opening or after closing each day we fully spray and disinfect.

Affordable pricing that is built to match or beat the additional costs associated with new health standards, and allow you and your staff to focus on your work and clients.

*6 month commitment required to receive program pricing.


Schedule in our disinfection service once a week. Implementing a consistent disinfection program provides the enhanced measures and continued confidence for your staff and customers.

*6 month commitment required to receive program pricing.


Needing professional disinfection without frequent applications? Our monthly program is the perfect frequency and price.

*6 month commitment required to receive program pricing.

One time

Single applications are relevant for events, large gatherings, and situations that don't see daily traffic, or for establishments that are re-opening.

We also offer flex plans that provide further discounts if multiple services are needed, but do not fit within one of our other programs.

About Disinfection Services

Comprehensive Disinfection Services: What Steps Are You Taking?

There’s never been a more important time than right now to take every step possible to improve the health and cleanliness of surfaces. At Kasina PureTek, we provide disinfection services designed to provide you with exacting attention to your unique needs. Our services work to help protect you from the wide range of potential risk factors facing our world. 

Where Can You Use Disinfection Cleaning Services?

In a world facing COVID-19 and the incredible concerns that come with it, there has never been a better time to take aggressive action to protect against contagions and contaminants. Disinfecting and cleaning services are appropriate for virtually any type of property.

Our team provides commercial, community, and residential services to help you minimize the risks and damages to your interior and exterior. This includes most services that could be at risk for harboring contaminants. Keeping your business, staff, and customers safe is your first priority.

We also provide comprehensive commercial disinfecting cleaning services. These services are uniquely designed to fit the type of location you operate. We customize solutions that go above and beyond what is considered the standard level of cleanliness to provide ample protection for your property – but also for your employees and customers or clients.

Why Choose Disinfectant Companies Like Us?

Disinfection services have never been more important than right now. Our team at Kasina PureTek is using Health Canada approved products for use against COVID-19, giving you the highest level of protection possible. It is critical to take extra steps to minimize the risks against this and other contagions. When you hire a specialized disinfectant company, you are working closely with a team that can provide you with the comprehensive support you need to protect those around you.


The traditional methods of cleaning are no longer enough. Professional disinfection services have been used for years to help individuals enjoy a higher level of cleanliness and protection. There has never been a more important time to get aggressive against the fight of these contaminants. Our team has extensive training and guidance to help you properly manage every aspect of cleanliness in your property. Our team is here to help you to get the right plan in place today.

How Can You Get Help Today?

At Kasina PureTek, we are here to help you. We provide a comprehensive level of protection that goes above and beyond what you may be already using. That gives you peace of mind and a sense of control. Every situation is unique, requiring a level of expertise to ensure the best possible outcome. Our team at Kasina PureTek is here to help you.