Disinfectant Services For Office & Retail

Opening Back Up? Use Our Disinfectant Services for Office & Retail

If your business has been shut down for any length of time due to contamination, potential risk of infection, or Covid related closures, now is the time to hire Kasina PureTek. Our disinfection services for office and retail ensures the surfaces in your building are properly cleaned to the very best level possible. This is a critical time for your business and your staff. Yet, you know you need to get back to work. When you add our services to your to-do list before opening your doors, you can have more confidence and peace of mind.

Are Disinfection Services for Office & Retail Safe?

One of the reasons to hire our team for office and retail disinfection services is because we fully understand the scope of your concern and your unique needs. You do not want to damage documents, products, or furniture. You want to ensure the workspaces for your employees are clean, but you are unsure how to do this without having materials damaged or added training and staffing costs. We can help you. Our services are customized to fit the space and always done in a safe manner. We will take the steps necessary to protect any delicate surfaces or give you insight into the steps you need to take before our arrival. 

Give Employees Confidence to Come Back to Work

When you use our disinfection services, Winnipeg business owners and their employees are able to go back to work with more confidence than they had before. They are also less likely to be unwilling to work worried, which can cut into their productivity. Instead, they know their workplace is clean, disinfected, and ready for them to focus. They can then take the steps necessary to keep their space clean. You want to provide your employees with a healthy, clean environment to keep them focused on the work they do for you.

How to Get Started

When you are ready to get disinfection services for your office or retail space, give Kasina PureTek a call. We will discuss your needs with you and offer recommendations for the size and scope of your needs. Our team will give you specific steps to take and tell you what you can expect in the process for disinfectant services office Winnipeg. We can arrive when you need us to, outside of work hours.

When you need office disinfection services, know that we are here for you. We can set up a routine cleaning schedule if the location is high risk. You can also use our services even if you have not had any known contagions or contaminants present. This type of preventative treatment can give you the confidence you need to keep your property clean and healthy as long as possible. Contact Kasina PureTek for a quote or to schedule an office disinfection service.