Commercial Cleaning Solutions

What Are the Best Commercial Cleaning Solutions?

Comprehensive cleaning involves taking steps to ensure the very best procedures and the right commercial cleaning solutions. At Kasina PureTek, we strive to ensure our clients are always getting the very best level of service and quality. To give you the healthy clean you desire, we use an innovative method of cleaning and disinfecting the interior and/or exterior of any property. Because of how extensive it is, it can give you peace of mind knowing your location has fewer contagion and contamination risks.

What Is the Right Commercial Disinfectant to Use?


This is one of the most common questions people have today. Our team at Kasina PureTek provides a two-step process. Our two-step spraying process is an extensive way of cleaning surfaces. We use a solution that contains a germicidal, disinfectant, and deodorizing makeup to it. This is a base level of solution we place on all surfaces and spaces at your location. That includes the walls, floors, desks, and most any other surface present.

Our commercial disinfectant also includes a second application this time using isopropyl alcohol (70 percent based). This aids in effectiveness. It is a final layer of coverage to all of the same surfaces. This includes all medium and high-traffic areas and high-touch areas and surfaces.

Why Is This the Best Solution?


There may be other commercial cleaning solutions out there, but our products are very safe to use and highly effective. Disinfecting facilities services like ours go above and beyond in providing a higher level of cleanliness than you can complete using standard commercial-grade cleaning solutions. More so, the products we are using are those recommended by Health Canada for COVID-19 cleaning. That is the very best level of cleaning possible.

Can You Just Use It on Your Own?


Commercial disinfectant is not just about the actual cleaning solution. It is also about the professionalism and experience our team brings to the table. At Kasina PureTek, we ensure you have a deep-level of clean because we are detail-oriented professionals. We address the unique needs and concerns you have with your property, such as handling sensitive areas or managing both interior and exterior needs. Because of our thorough cleaning, our commercial disinfectant can do the best possible job it is designed for, giving you the highest level of cleanliness possible.

Disinfecting facilities services from Kasina PureTek are backed with experience and the very best commercial disinfectant available. Whether you are operating a food processing establishment, a school, convention center, or any other location, we are here to help you. Contact us today to provide you with the support for treating all types of contagions and contaminants in the most effective way possible.